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Carmine Ariadne

Three Hole Magnetic Palette Box

Three Hole Magnetic Palette Box

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The Mini Magnetic Palette Box is a compact storage solution designed to hold small eye shadows, brow color, or cake eyeliner. It provides a convenient and customizable option for organizing and transporting your makeup essentials.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: Small and portable, perfect for travel or daily use.

  • Magnetic Interior: Equipped with a magnetic base to securely hold makeup pans in place.

  • Customizable Storage: Allows you to store and organize individual eye shadows, brow colors, or cake eyeliners in one place.

  • Refillable: Designed for refills, giving you the flexibility to swap or replace makeup pans as needed.

Note: Empty palette box, refills are sold separately.

This mini magnetic palette box offers a practical and versatile way to organize and carry your favorite makeup items while enabling you to customize and replenish your makeup collection with ease.

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