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Azure Eurybia

Himalayan Pink Bathing Salt +

Himalayan Pink Bathing Salt +

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Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with our HIMALAYAN PINK BATH SALT W/ PEPPERMINT OIL! 

Experience the richness of nature's purity encapsulated in our 100% NATURAL & PURE bath salt. Sourced from the heart of India, our salt is enriched with up to 84 MINERALS, offering a truly rejuvenating spa-like escape right at home.

Just a small amount goes a long way! Enclosed in sealed 2.5 POUND (40 OZ) PET Jars, this quantity is perfect for about 10-12 FULL BATHS, providing an opulent, relaxing soak every time.

For a luxurious salt bath, simply blend 2-3 cups of our mineral-rich salt (120-150 gm) into a tub filled with hot water. Let it gently dissolve while you immerse yourself for 10 to 40 minutes of pure therapeutic bliss. Inhale the aromatic steam to awaken your senses and cleanse your nasal passages, while the salt's mineral properties work their magic on tired muscles and rejuvenate skin cells naturally.

Transform your daily shower into an invigorating spa-like experience by adding 1 teaspoon of our salt to your body wash or bath serum. Mix it with oil for a revitalizing scrub, elevating your shower routine for an incredible sensorial delight.

Our product stands true to its promise: CHEMICAL-Free, VEGAN, ETHICAL PRODUCT, NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS OR FLAVORS, PACKED IN USA. Crafted with care and without any artificial treatment or refining, our Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, adorned with a reddish-pink hue, contains the pure essence of up to 84 essential minerals. Paired with top-quality therapeutic Peppermint Essential Oil, our bath salt not only soothes muscle aches but also detoxifies the skin, leaving you with a natural, delightful body aroma.

Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Rock Salt infused with therapeutic Peppermint Oil - an exquisite blend for an unparalleled bathing experience. 

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