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Teal Hestia

Nail Polish Stickers - Pretty Time

Nail Polish Stickers - Pretty Time

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Real Nail Polish Stickers: Effortless Nail Makeover!

Discover the ease of our Real Nail Polish Stickers, offering a complete nail transformation in a 16-nail set. Inside the nail kit, you'll find an alcohol wipe to prep your nails before applying these genuine nail polish stickers. Once applied, simply file away the excess for a perfect fit.

Enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting manicure with each set lasting approximately 10-14 days. Worried about safety? Rest assured, all Candied Nail stickers are crafted to be safe and non-toxic for your nails.

When it's time for a change, removal is hassle-free. Use a nail polish remover to gently take off the stickers without causing damage to your nails, ensuring a smooth transition for your next nail adventure!

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