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Cupcake Soap Bar - Activated Charcoal

Cupcake Soap Bar - Activated Charcoal

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Get ready for a playful and skin-loving treat with our Cupcake Soap Bar with Activated Charcoal! This soap isn't just a skincare superhero—it's the fun, quirky sidekick your skin tone has been craving!

Charcoal, the VIP ingredient here, works like a vacuum, swooping into your pores and pulling out impurities like a champ. And guess what? It's lightly scented with vanilla wafer fragrance oils, making your shower time smell like a delicious dessert party!

Crafted with love and top-notch ingredients like Shea butter, this soap is a cold process miracle, preserving natural glycerin that gives your skin that much-needed hydration boost. It's like a spa day, but in a playful, bubbly form! Imagine creamy lathering and medium-sized bubbles dancing on your skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth.

Here's the fun part—this soap is all about good vibes! No added preservatives, just pure handmade goodness made in small batches. It's packed with skin-loving ingredients like coconut oil for that deep clean, olive oil for moisturizing and fighting off those pesky bacteria, and soybean oil bringing in that vitamin E magic for your skin tone.

And let's not forget—it's perfectly safe for your skin tone! We've added skin-safe mica coloring, so you're not just getting a squeaky clean, you're getting a colorful, bubbly experience!

With dimensions of Height: 3", Width: 2.5", Thick: 1", and a Net Weight of 4oz, this soap is ready to bring the party to your shower or bath time. So, why settle for a regular routine when you can make it a playful, skin-loving experience with our Charcoal Soap? Go ahead, let the fun begin!

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