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Tan Aphrodite

Nano Mist Spray Face Humidifier

Nano Mist Spray Face Humidifier

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Crafted from durable Acrylic material, our Nano Mist Spray Facial Humidifier is designed to fit perfectly in your handbag or travel pouch. With dimensions of cm, this portable device is compact and convenient for daily use.

This versatile face humidifier serves dual functions for your skin's health: Moisturizing and Rejuvenation. Powered by a rechargeable battery, it generates a fine mist that deeply hydrates your skin, leaving it supple and refreshed.

Produced using a precision Machine Manufacturing Process, the Model Number: 772116 is an essential beauty tool. Its micro-particles penetrate deeply into the skin, offering moisturizing and rejuvenating properties wherever you are.

Indulge in your skincare routine effortlessly with this Nano Face Humidifier, perfect for on-the-go moisture and revitalization, ensuring your skin stays hydrated and rejuvenated throughout the day!

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