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Natural Toxin Free Organic Sunscreen

Natural Toxin Free Organic Sunscreen

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Unlike conventional brands that utilize chemicals to absorb the sun, our natural toxin free organic zinc oxide-based formula works by reflecting harmful rays, ensuring you and your family are protected from the sun's rays. We prioritize using organic Toxic free, NON-NANO Zinc Oxide, elevating the SPF level to a reassuring 45+.

Why NON-NANO? Nanoparticles pose a risk by penetrating pores and entering the bloodstream. Our meticulous care ensures that the zinc oxide particles are non-nano, ensuring they remain on the skin surface for optimal protection without absorption.

Crafted with a blend of organic Shea Butter, Mango Butter, and Coconut Oil — each boasting a natural SPF of 10-15 — we fortify the sunscreen's base. Infused with non-nano organic zinc oxide powder, offering a natural SPF protection of approximately 45+, this formulation stands the test even in extreme conditions.

Tested in scorching 104-degree weather and during scuba dives, this sunscreen maintained its effectiveness for about 3 hours, providing reliable protection against sunburns. Additionally, it's water-resistant, allowing you to take a dip without compromising its efficiency.

This generous-sized jar ensures long-lasting protection throughout the summer, available in various packaging options: a 2 oz BPA-free squeeze bottle, a 2 oz glass jar, or an 8 oz sturdy lidded jar. The thicker consistency of the jar variant ensures it stays intact in your beach or pool bag, remaining easy to apply without leaving a white residue.

Our Sunscreen boasts an array of qualities:

  • Natural Organic ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • Free from sulfates, phthalates, and parabens
  • No synthetic dyes or fragrances
  • Completely all-natural and safe
  • Packaged without plastic waste

Disclaimer: While the individual ingredients are FDA-approved, the product itself is not FDA-approved. It's not intended to replace medical advice or treat, cure, or prevent diseases.

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