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Lime Thalassa

Travel Mini Makeup Brush

Travel Mini Makeup Brush

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Get ready to take your makeup game on the road with our Travel mini brush from the Baseblue Cosmetics Soft Brush Collection! Introducing our travel-sized superhero—this mini soft brush is your ticket to makeup magic anytime, anywhere!

Imagine this—it's compact, it's cute, and it's like a tiny makeup wizard that fits into any purse like a charm! Whether it's chilling in the Soft Brush travel cap or strutting solo, this mini brush is all about being a portable powerhouse!

But wait, there's more! It's not just any mini brush—it's got the Baseblue Cosmetic signature Soft-Touch handle, making you feel like you're holding a cloud. And let's talk bristles—these ultra-soft synthetic wonders are here to give your skin tone that tender, loving brush!

Need to add a pop of blush or a highlight that's as bright as your future? This mini brush is your fairy godmother—gentle on sensitive skin and always ready for those on-the-go touch-ups!

Let's break it down for you—measuring at 5 inches x 0.6 inches, it's like the little buddy you never knew you needed. With synthetic bristles that feel like a dream and a Soft-Touch Handle for that extra comfort, this mini brush is all about the fun in makeup and the convenience of size!

So, if you're ready to mini-size your makeup game and add a splash of magic to your skin tone routine, grab our Mini Soft Brush and get ready for some seriously cute makeup moments!


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